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Antonio Bertoloni‘s Flora Italica, a monumental work in 10 volumes – the outcome of 40 years of studies and researches – documents for the first time the spontaneous Flora of the Italian peninsula (not the Italian nation because written before the political union of the country).

Under some aspects, this work is still unequalled today: all the described species has been carefully studied and, what is more, their geographic distribution is documented by specimens sent to Bertoloni by the contemporary Italian botanist from all over the country. These specimens have been gathered in Hortus Siccus Florae Italicae, one of the best known Italian herbaria. Specimens belonging to 803 genera and 4211 species from the peninsula and the islands (Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica) are meticulously prepared; the label in each specimens lists the scientific name of the species, date and locality of collection, the name of the collector and the reference to volume and page of Flora Italica where the species is described.

This herbarium is the nucleus of the Bolognese Herbarium and represents one of the most important herbarium collection of Italy for its historic and scientific relevance.