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Our collections aim at encouraging curiosity and inspire learning on different subjects across the curriculum. That is why we organize a diverse range of activities for school groups, which are widely appreciated among teachers and students of a variety of ages, from kindergarten to secondary school. These activities seek to bring students closer to our historical and scientific collections through experimental interdisciplinary visits.

For further information or to book a school visit, please contact .

Family and children

We have a vibrant and creative program of family-friendly activities, interactive laboratories and events designed for kids of all ages and their parents. Our museums are places where to learn and have fun through activities inspired by our collections and recreated to enjoy a playful experience. We have so much to offer to spark imagination and spend an original day at the museum.

At the moment, activities are only offered in Italian. If interested, please check the Italian page for more information.

Self-guided tours for everybody

We seek to inspire all of our audiences to engage with our collections through self-guided visits focusing on a range of themes. Get the most out of your experience in Bologna by enjoying our recommended tours, which combine visits to several museums and guide you through the historical and scientific heritage of one of the most prestigious universities in the world.